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From the Lips of an Angel....
......Midnight whisperings......
8th-Sep-2020 04:45 pm - Friends Only
TVD3 fancy

This journal is partially FRIENDS ONLY...icon posts will remain public. All other posts will remain locked

Please leave me a comment to be added

Thank you.
TVD3 fancy

I hate these damn things!!!!


16th-May-2010 12:31 pm - this totally cracked my shit up!!
TVD3 fancy
I got nothing.........except a stitch in my side!!!

Vampires with Hats anyone???   LMAO!!

2nd-Nov-2009 02:38 pm - A "little" Icon Post....[10]
pattz jaw

Just a quick little icon post [10] I felt compelled to do after seeing Robert Pattinsons' Vanity Fair photoshoot pics.......jeeeeeeezus!!

I am just going to throw them here...can't be bothered reposting at saltnburn_icons 

Anyhoo...on to the icons!

You know the rules.

* I you like it, take it
* If you take it, credit....It makes me smile :)
* NO HOTLINKING..... it makes me grumpy :(



nelson wow
You all know how i love my AFL...well one of the players recently did a shoot for GQ magazine. 

His name is Ben Cousins, plays for Richmond and unfortunately has had his run of troubles including a cocaine addiction.  He is putting his past behind him and these photos are definitely worthy of a "Torso Tuesday" spot, but as he is dressed in some, I will dedicate a special post of their own.....cos it is sooooo worth it.
May I introduce to you.......Ben Cousins.....

clicky clicky!Collapse )
nelson wow

For all you Torso Tuesday lovers out there, I did a little bit of quick editing to add a few more tasty morsels.....sn_dreamer  reminded me I had forgotton a few....*my bad*

So make sure you check out the extra hotness version!!

I will also throw in the following warning

I will not be held responsible for any of the following:

* fainting
* flailing
* spontaneous combustion of underwear
* excessive drooling leading to drowning
* falling or sliding off office furniture resulting in head injury

Please supply own bibs, buckets, mops, thud pillows and fire extinguishers.......

18th-Aug-2009 07:49 am - Torso Tuesday Delay
nelson wow
Torso Tuesday is going to be a little delayed this week.  Working.  Urgh.
TVD3 fancy
RIP John Hughes. In honor of the master of the teen movie, what is your favorite teen flick?
Has to be The Breakfast Club, but any of the movies that came out at this time, Pretty in Pink, SIxteen Candles, St Elmos Fire, Valley Girl are still fond favourites for me.  They came out at the time I was in my late teens and could relate to them somehow.
Judd Nelson was my favourite badboy, and Andrew Mc Carthy had the best smile :)
15th-Jul-2009 09:18 am - Got my Icons done!!
omg max
Yay!! I got my icon batch finished!!

Although the lj cut was fucking with me....grrr...

28 Assorted AFL Icons


They are of AFL footballers.....maynot be everyone's interest I know, but here they are :)

26th-Jun-2009 07:54 am - Michael Jackson.....Dead at 50??
TVD3 fancy

TMZ.com is reporting the death of Michael Jackson.....................................

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